Volume 16 Number 2 Year 2016

Sr.No. Index
1. 1 Price Spread and Marketing Efficiency under Different Marketing Channels A Case Study of Rice Marketing in Bihar, India.
P. K. Singh, O. P. Singh, Rekha Rani and Sudhir Tiwari
2. 2. Nutrient Management for Rice - Barley Cropping System Using Soil Test Target Yield Equation in Village Persiya, Block- Naugarh, District Chaundauli (U.P).
Y.V. Singh, Pradip Dey and R.N. Yadav
3. 3.Effect of integrated nutrient management on growth and yield of black gram.
Mukesh Kumar, P. K. Singh, S. N. Dubey and S.P.Singh
4. 4.Information Sources and Utilization Behaviour of Vegetable Growers at Sawai Madhopur block of Sawai Madhopur district in Rajasthan.
Prashant Maratha and S.K. Badodiya
5. 5. Impact of new production technologies on productivity and sustainability of soybean grown in the Nimar region of Madhya Pradesh.
6. 6. Motivational Sources of Cabbage Growers for Market Oriented Summer Cabbage Cultivation.
D. V. Singh
7. 7. Women Empowerment in Dairying in Agra district of western U.P.
Suresh Kumar Verma , R.K Sharma and Rajvir Singh
8. 8. Studies about the insect pests succession on Tamarind, Tamarindus indica at Bastar district of Chhattisgarh.
Akhilesh Kumar, A. K. Gupta and S. C. Mukherjee-
9. 9. Microbiological quality of water used in infant foods with special reference to Escherichia coli.
10. 10. Impact of habitual nutrient intake and energy expenditure of cricket players.
Rekha Srivastava, Anjna Fellows, Neelma Kunwar and Rashmi Singh
11. 11. Genetic variability and stability analysis for seed yield and its components in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.).
Mukesh Kumar, Sitaram Kushwaha and V K Dwivedi
12. 12. Economic Performance of Cross-bred Cows and Murrah Buffaloes Under Different Herd Size Groups.
Vikash Babu, Bhimsen, M. L. Bhaskar and Rajeev Kumar
13. 13. Cost and Returns of Wheat Crop in Agra District of Western U.P.
R.K.Kulshreshtha and Kumar Saurabh
14. 14. Knowledge gap about organic farming practices of farmers of Rampur District.
Laxmikant and Anuradha Ranjan Kumari
15. 15. Studies on Trichodermaviride 1.15% WP for Bioefficacy, Phytotoxicity and effect on beneficial Microbes against Seedling Root Rot in Cotton.
Hemant Baheti, P. Bhandari, Meenakshi, V R Thakre, A.Tomar and
16. 16. Performance of nutrient content in vermicompost preparation under different bio-wastes and its economics.
17. 17. Comparing the diets of urban old people with those who lived in rural areas.
Neha, Anjna Fellows and Neelma Kunwar
18. 18. Analysis of contamination in bottles and nipples used for infants.
19. 19. Preparation of Fuel from Urine.
Virendra Pal Singh, Nititsh Kumar and S.P. Madnawat
20. 20. Impact of credit on milk production in Kadipur block of distt. Sultanpur (U.P.).
Renu Singh, G.P. Singh and K.K. Singh
21. 21. Awareness on safe grain storage practices among rural women.
Priya Vashishtha, P.K. Rathi, Vinita Singh and Sudha Soni
22. 22. Growth and development of Tourism in Orchha.
(Mrs) Aarti Mundan and D.K. gautam
23. 23. A Case Report on Cow Dung Composting Traditional Practice Followed By Women in Rural Areas of Jammu & Kashmir for Maintaining Agroecology.