Volume 18 Number 2 Year 2018

Sr.No. Index
1. A study on changes in agronomic practices of farmers to overcome drought situations in Namakkal district of Tamilnadu state
P. Sanjeevi and K.Mahandrakumar
2. Livestock sector in India-Significance for small and marginal farmers
Sweta Gupta
3. Enhancement of Area, Production and Productivity of Lentil Crop through Cluster Front Line Demonstrations in District Shahjahanpur
K M Singh, L B Singh and U S Gautam
4. Tillage and nutrient management for improving soil quality Indicators and Indices under Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Black gram (Vigna radiata L.) Cropping System in Oxisol soils of Ranchi Region. K.L. Sharm
5. Effect of phosphorus and zinc application on yield, uptake of Zn and quality of chickpea (cicer arietinum l.).
J.K. Tiwari and Jagannath Pathak
6. Impact of Demographic Factors on the Distress among Small Farmers A Case Study of Punjab
Pardaman Kaur and Jaskaran Singh Dhillon
7. Resource use efficiency in milk production in case of members and non-members of dairy cooperatives in Saharanpur district of western U.P.
8. Utilization of agricultural technology information centre (ATIC) facilities by farm families in Kanpur district (U.P.)
Priya Vashishtha, P.K. Rathi, Ram Batuk Singh, Vinita Singh
9. Comparative Performance of Cari Nirbheek, Hitcari and Cari Shyama Bird under Backyard System of Rearing in Western Uttar Pradesh, India
D.K. Singh, Manoj Kumar Singh, P K Singh, Amit Kumar and Ahmad Fahim
10. A study on the knowledge of farmers regarding transplanting techniques of paddy crop in western Uttar Pradesh.
Girendra Singh and V.K. Sharm
11. Standardization of time for growthinfection and search for resistance source in mustard cultivars against Alternaria brassicae.
12. Differential Frequency of Attending Mahila Mandal Sessions by ICDS Beneficiaries in Rural and Slum Areas of Agra District.
13. Loan Advances by Regional Rural Banks and Its Recovery in Ballia District of Eastern U.P.
Kumar Saurabh
14. Role of On-Farm Trial in production enhancement of wheat crop.
Sharad kumar Singh, and Sushil kumar singh
15. Response of Barley Cultivars under Conservation Agriculture in Semi-Arid Area of U.P.
16. Response on various soil properties as a result of broad bean crop under phosphorus and molybdenum treatments.
Munna Lal, R.B. Singh, Devendra Pal, Har Mohan Singh Yadav, Arvind Kumar, Anil Kumar Pal and A.P. S.
17. Growth, Flowering and Yield of Marigold (Tagetes erecta) Cv. Pusa Arpita as influenced by foliar spray of urea and copper.
Gunjan Solanki and B.K. Chaturvedi.
18. Effectiveness of Workshop on “Stress reducing techniques among the Researchers of Uttarakhand”.
Arpita Sharma and Naresh Kumar Kandpal.
19. Weed composition of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in Haryana.
Sushil Kumar, S S Punia, Todar mal Punia and Samunder Singh.
20. Economics analysis of Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) in Narayanpur block, of Mirzapur district Uttar pradesh
shishir Kumar Singh, Suresh Kumar Verma, and D.V.Singh
21. Problems faced by cultivating and landless laboures in agra district.
Vandana Singh and Pushpendra Singh - Copy (2) - Copy
22. Effect of stage of lactation on physio-chemical quality of cow and buffalo milk.
M.L. Bhaskar and Mahesh Chandra.
23. Prospects and Challenges of Micro Enterprises in Rajouri Districts of Jammu and Kashmir
Dil Pazir
24. Response of Sorghum to potassium and Zinc application under saline condition.
Anil Kumar, Vinay Singh and R.B. Singh.